Another “Smart” feature of cell phones: The Resale Market




Not only here in America, but also in China, India, Brazil and many other countries of the world, the cell phone industry is booming. People love technology and the supply and demand of new, better and faster cell phones is now spawning a huge new market, especially for smart phones; recycling and reselling. As the life cycles of cell phones shorten, the replacement market of good used phones accelerates.



More than half of the world's population now owns a cell phone and the greater availability plus more affordable costs are a boon to poorer countries that don't have land lines. The trade-in, recycling and re-selling market is influencing everything from plan options and pricing to the actual “life cycle” of cell phones:



The four main attractions of cell phones are:


  1. Giving up land lines altogether
  2. The ability to text message
  3. To enjoy the newest technology
  4. The growing used cell phone market


Those people, who were not able to afford a new Apple cell phone, can find a great value in purchasing a used one. iPhones are the most requested and popular brand in the resale market, and their original users are among the quickest to upgrade to a newer and better model, offering some excellent models for resale.


Shop the used cell phone market carefully before you toss your old phone into a drawer or just give it back. Find out your phone's value and either sells your old phone with the network you were locked into, or find a service that will “unlock” it for you, allowing a new user to use any network they choose.

Experts predict that the used smart phone market will increase from 53 million units to 257 million units sold over the next five years. This growing trend indicates that by 2018, 8% of all cell phone sales will from the resale market.


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Another “Smart” feature of cell phones: The Resale Market
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