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To Kill a Mockingbird: (Harperperennial Modern Classics) by Harper Lee | Summary Now

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Product Description: Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird: (Harperperennial Modern Classics) by Harper Lee - On Sale Now.

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Chapter Highlights:
•Plot Analysis
•Character Analysis
•Major Themes and Topics

Editor’s Notes:

In the first chapter, we meet a girl named Jean Louise Finch, but she usually goes by Scout. She narrates the book and begins by explaining how her brother Jem managed to break an arm a few years earlier. She starts to tell the reader her family history. Simon Finch came to America many years earlier after fleeing England. He established a farm in Alabama called Finches Landing, which was the family’s business for many years. Scout’s father, Atticus, was the first one to migrate away from the farming life and became a lawyer, living in the town of Maycomb. Maycomb, at this point, was gripped by the Great Depression, and most people in the town were very poor. Scout’s mother died when she was very young, but her brother Jem, older than her by four years, sometimes remembers her.
As Scout approaches her fifth birthday, a strange boy moves in next door. His name is Charles Baker Harris, but he prefers to be called Dill. He stays in Maycomb over the summer at his aunt’s place. He is quite a smart kid but does not like to talk about his father. The kids play games and read but soon grow bored when Dill has an idea. They know of a mysterious man who lives close by called Boo Radley, and they decide to try and lure him out of his hiding.

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